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Elevate your business with PostNord last-mile delivery

Last-mile delivery, the final step of the delivery process, is a critical component in the supply chain that has a substantial impact on customer satisfaction. Ensuring timely and efficient last-mile delivery is essential to enhance overall customer satisfaction and elevate your business.

As the leading logistics company in the Nordics, we offer a range of trackable parcel solutions tailored to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses.

Discover how PostNord's services ensure smooth and secure delivery to people across the Nordic region: 

Delivery option

As a customer at PostNord, you have access to the Nordic region’s largest and most efficient network. ​No other supplier has as many terminals, service points, and widespread distributional capabilities in the Nordic region.​ As a market leader, PostNord is privileged to service volume-intensive companies within all industries and has a special position with retailers and e-commerce.

Parcel lockers are becoming increasingly popular in the Nordics due to their convenience, speed, security, and flexibility. PostNord has more than 10.000 parcel lockers in operation across the Nordic region and believes it's important to be able to offer this highly valued delivery option in the Nordics, and that's why PostNord is planning to expand the network further.

Attractive value/price ratio

PostNord recognizes that e-commerce businesses crave clarity when it comes to pricing. Distance, weight, and volume play crucial roles in determining the cost of delivery, and PostNord takes these factors into account to provide transparent pricing solutions. 

MyPack Home, MyPack Collect, and MyPack Home Small offer versatile pricing models that cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're shipping lightweight items or bulkier goods, PostNord ensures that you have access to competitive rates and cost-effective options, empowering you to make informed decisions about your logistics strategies.

One point of contact for all Nordic countries

PostNord understands the complexities of managing multiple invoicing processes and strives to streamline your experience. By consolidating invoicing for your shipping activities in the Nordic region, we simplify your financial operations and save you valuable time and resources.

With PostNord, you can enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for invoicing across the Nordics. PostNord ensures accurate and transparent invoicing, providing you with a clear overview of your shipping expenses. Experience the ease and efficiency of having a single point of contact for invoicing, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers. 

One integration and one return solution

Eliminate unnecessary complexity in your logistics processes with an all-in-one solution. Choosing a logistics partner that offers one integration, one invoice, and one return system will help you save time and effort while streamlining operations. 

PostNord provides a range of APIs to facilitate integration with your back-end systems. Integrate PostNord web services directly into your website, customs applications, or e-commerce platform. Our APIs are easy to use and customizable to meet your shipping needs., so you decide how your application will interact with PostNord’s services.

PostNord can help integrate with the IOSS system to handle the VAT declaration to ensure that the correct VAT amounts are collected and remitted. 

Traceability & Network

You can rest assured that your parcel will arrive as agreed when you send it with PostNord. We have the best network in the Nordic region – with our help, you can reach your customers as quickly as possible and with full traceability. If you want to send items to Europe, it’s just as easy as sending them within the Nordic region. PostNord is part of the DPD network, one of Europe’s biggest and most reliable parcel networks. We collect the parcel from you and deliver it to your recipient. You can simply and transparently track the progress of each individual parcel online.

PostNord is a market leader in providing parcel services to the Nordic e-commerce market. We are growing with our customers and continue to offer the best solutions in the Nordic region. 

Let us take care of the logistics

PostNord can help get the best last-mile delivery solution in the Nordics. Partner with PostNord for unparalleled last-mile excellence in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. 

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